Soy un chico un poco loco, me encanta pokémon, cantar, dibujar y ver imágenes lindas en internet. Estudio Arte Digital y me gustan los chocotorros.

I'm a crazy boy, i like pokémon so much, sing, draw and watch cute pictures online. I'm a student of Digital Art & i like the chocotorros (it´s a chocolate cake with cream filling covered with pink frosting and chocolate chips).

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Background Illustrations provided by: http://edison.rutgers.edu/
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The Fennekin evolution series. Ponyfied! 
So , on the 5th of august a good friend of mine gave me a little gift from the Pokemon Center. A little display stand with Fennekin, Braixen and Delphox.

Now I always wanted to make a Fennekin pony, and the little gift inspired me to just think big, And make the entire evolution series as Brushables. 

Now they were Amazingly fun to make. And more fun to paint in the end. I apologize for the lack of uploads in the last weeks. It has been a hassle to get to custom at all. but Hey this was a bit of a big project hahah
I hope you all like it as much as I do

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Awesome!! Ponylicious!!